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All About Your Professional Scaffolding Tower

Posted on by AGC Scaffolding

Sourcing a reliable scaffolding system is essential for carrying out repairs or alterations at higher levels. A professional scaffolding tower can support several people at once while still providing a safe platform to work at height. It is so important that safety is never compromised for convenience, ease or saving money and here at AGC Scaffolding, we can provide the solution you require; giving you the stability needed to carry out high level work. We will take into account the spread needed so that workers are safe and comfortably able to complete the work needed. Outdoor commercial scaffolding is most commonly seen at construction sites where worker safety is of paramount importance.

It is always advisable to seek out a professional and experienced company to discuss your needs. Government legislation, namely the Work at Height Regulations 2005, suggests that any scaffolding system greater than 4 metres in height must be carried out by qualified and certified professionals. AGC can provide such industrial scaffolding and high strength systems and have experience on projects of all sizes from small uncomplicated tasks to massive industrial constructions and developments. People are often mistaken that a simple tower erection is sufficient. There may however be other elements that we can help you with. This might include lifting capability for heavy equipment for which you will need a power source, and again, this illustrates how your commercial scaffolding needs to be a more comprehensive solution.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality equipment and installations which meet all required industry standards. Our aim and top priority is always safety. There are several kinds of scaffolding systems available depending on the need presented by the job in hand. As such, you will need to employ the services of a company who is experienced in all and can advise you correctly on the scaffolding you need. Our experience and accreditations speak for themselves and will hopefully instil the confidence you need should you entrust such an important responsibility to us.

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