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CISRS: Scaffold Cards Explained

Posted on by AGC Scaffolding

It can be difficult knowing who to trust when it comes to scaffolding work. With the myriad of health and safety regulations and the fact that it can potentially be the difference between great work and what appears to be a cack-handed slap-dash job, the importance of getting it right is crucial. How then, do you decipher which company to use, how do you know which people are correctly qualified, and how can they be easily identified at all times. The answer to all these questions is, of course, CISRS – The Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme.

As the authority on all aspects of the industry, the organization is linked with CITB Construction Skills, who consistently produce training and as a result the most qualified, knowledgeable and competent new members of the construction business.

That in mind then, the latest addition to the company’s fine record includes the production of these CISRS scaffolder cards. With a host of information easily deductible from a range of elements included on the card, these little bits of plastic symbolize the quality of work you can expect to receive from the carrier, as well as his or her authenticity and professionalism.

Naturally the cards have a whole range of features, and better than us sat here trying to dress it up in words, we invite you to please your eyes with this informational video, straight from CISRS themselves!

Of course, we here at AGC are both CITB and CISRS certified, so expect to see all of these shining examples of quality in the scaffolding services we provide in and around Aylesbury



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